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At Aston, we recognise that the balance of economic power in the world is shifting. Across the world new companies are constantly being launched, creating new products and new opportunities. We work hard to prepare you for the dynamic, mobile, global marketplace you'll be a part of when you graduate.

We create opportunities for everyone to benefit from the diverse, global nature of the Aston student community in ways that help support global mobility and citizenship.

Every Aston undergraduate can take up the opportunity to develop global citizenship skills, innovative entrepreneurial skills and to learn a modern foreign language.


Advice and support


If you are interested in finding a placement or graduate job abroad, Aston's award-winning Careers+PlacementsTeam can provide information and support.

If you are an international student, the Careers+Placements Team can provide information on working in the UK and visa law or guidance on searching for a job in your home country.

£1,000 scholarship for placement students working or studying abroad 

If you are a Home/EU student and take a work or study placement abroad, you will receive a £1,000 tuition fee discount in your placement year, making that year tuition fee free!

Find out more about Aston University scholarships.

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