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Name: Sharandas Thampi Jayasankaran
Programme: MSc Business and Management
Nationality: Indian

I completed a first class undergraduate degree in engineering in Kerala, India. While studying in University, I co-founded a technology start-up company named Hedcet Technologies that built web and mobile applications across various industries and clients. After graduating, I worked as Managing Partner for Hedcet in New Delhi and subsequently Bangalore's NASSCOM start-up Warehouse. 

After two years of work at the start-up, I decided to take up further study in an international university that would afford me the opportunity to develop myself from a management point of view, and give me a basis in my interest area of finance and investments. This led me to the MSc at Aston.

The international element of Aston was a very important driver for me as I wanted to make maximum use of the exposure I was getting here in the UK. A second important driver was the orientation of the University in general towards industry and careers. Beginning a career in the UK was an aim for me and I wanted a university that could help me achieve that aim, which it has. 

The MSc Business and Management course is a great conversion course from a non-business background since it covers a lot of ground across diverse areas such as finance, strategy, marketing and human resources. While that foundation across subjects is great, the course also gives the student an opportunity to build a focussed career in any one of those areas, which for was finance.

My best experiences at the university, so far, have been during my interactions and work with the Aston Trading and Investment Society (ATIS). Apart from being a field, I have great interest in, I loved the genuine passion of the society in learning and discussing the subject as well as the diverse range of events conducted for members. 

As one of the co-editors of the society's fortnightly e-newsletter, I also had the opportunity to learn a lot about the prevailing economic and financial climate globally, through my research.

My aim is to be able to work in investment management using technology for an established international company. I want to be able to explore the uses of big data and machine learning in making investment decisions from a practical business point of view. 

I believe the MSc has provided me with a basic grounding in finance, accounting and strategy, which are important in the context of my career plans. Apart from the coursework, the societies on campus during my MSc have also been a huge valuable addition.