Study abroad application

Below is more information about the application process - we strongly recommend that you research fully all your options and institutions that you are interested in.

Once you have finished your research and prepared all your documents, you can submit these here. Please note that any applications submitted via email or incomplete applications, will not be counted. You must apply to Aston Business School first, to be put forward for consideration to be nominated to the partner institution.

Please see below under "Applying to be Nominated" to find out what you need to prepare with your application.

The application deadline is midnight on Sunday 4th February 2018.

Process of Applying

Study abroad application process

Our partners will only accept a student from Aston Business School if they have first been nominated.  This means that you must first apply to be nominated, and then if you are successful, you will proceed to apply to the institution directly.

If a student is nominated they will be accepted by the institution because of the agreements we have between us.  The application to the partner institution is to provide your information and be registered with them, rather than to see if you will be accepted to study there. 

However, and in the case of the Double Degrees, partner institutions can refuse to accept you on a specific course and recommend an alternative programme if they feel that you do not have the necessary academic background.

Nomination places are limited and are allocated according to students' grade averages and the quality of their application documents (and, on rare occasions, interviews). 

Once nominations have been made it may not be possible to send another student in your place, should you drop out. For this reason you must be strongly committed to the exchange at the point of application.

You can submit a maximum of three applications and you must submit a separate application for each study period and/or institution you wish to be nominated for. 

For example, if you want to apply to be nominated for either the summer school or the autumn term at one particular institution, you should submit two separate applications.  if

Each application must consist of: 

  • The completed and signed Academic Approval Form (please ensure that you fill out the correct version of the form as there is a separate form for Double Degree applications). 
  • Your Study Plan (please fill in your intentions under each heading). 
  • A Letter of Intent (a short document created by yourself, outlining the reasons why you believe you should be nominated, how you would benefit from an exchange, and why you picked the institution/s that you did).

FOR DOUBLE DEGREE APPLICATIONS ONLY:  In addition to the above documents you must also submit your CV and Bachelor Degree Transcript. If you have taken the GMAT test and are applying for EDHEC Business School, please also submit your test results.

  1. Read through the information on BlackBoard to find your preferred destinations and study periods (a maximum of three choices)
  2. Research the institutions to make sure that they are appropriate for you, in terms of modules offered, financial burden of travel, visas and accommodation, and length of exchange period  
  3. Complete your Study Plan and Letter of Intent
  4. Take the Academic Approval Form and your Study Plan to your Course Director(s) for approval. Electronic signatures and emails confirming approval are accepted.  
  5. Submit your completed application documents before the deadline

Use the scan and send function on a printer to merge the following documents into ONE PDF DOCUMENT: 

If you are submitting a DOUBLE DEGREE APPLICATION: in addition to the above documents you must also submit a curriculum vitae (CV) and your Bachelor Degree Transcript from your previous studies as part of the application process.

Once you have created the application document you should upload it on the application portal.

You may follow this process up to three times, allowing you to apply to be nominated for three different institutions / study periods. Please note that every application must as a minimum include the Academic Approval Form, a specific Study Plan and Letter of Intent, otherwise the application will not be valid.

The deadline is midnight on Sunday 4th February 2018.

Any applications submitted after the deadline must be emailed to the Student Support Office and not uploaded to the portal, or they will not be considered. All applications sent after the deadline will be marked as 'late' and will only be considered if there are places remaining after the 'on-time' applications have been allocated.  

Please note that we are not able to accept hard copies of applications or applications that are sent by email before the deadline has passed.

You must only submit your application when it is complete. If you submit after the deadline your application will be marked as 'late'. If there are any places left after the 'on-time' applications have been processed, the 'late' applications will then be considered. 

We are aware that you will want to know the outcome of your application as quickly as possible, and you will be provided with the outcome of your application(s) before the end of Term 2.

Once we decide who to nominate for each opportunity, we send details of our choices to the institutions. As soon as the institutions have accepted our nominations you will be informed by email. You will need to reply as quickly as possible, confirming that you accept the nomination and intend to take the place. You can then proceed to apply directly to the institution, to apply for any visas you require, and to book your flights and accommodation.

This process is followed in order of when the partner institution's application deadlines fall, as those students will need to act quickly. For example, students applying to study abroad during Term 3 will hear the outcome before students applying to study in the autumn.

If you are informed that none of your applications have been successful, you may have a chance to apply for a different study abroad opportunity. It is sometimes possible for us to hold a second round of applications where there are institutions that have remaining places and the deadline for application has not yet passed. All students will be notified if this is the case.

I have been informed that I have been nominated - what do I do now? 

  1. Confirm that you accept the nomination by replying to the email from the Business School.  (This is your last opportunity to cancel your application and allow another student to go in your place).  If you have any concerns please communicate it immediately. 
  2. Apply directly to the institution.  The partner institution will email you directly to tell you how to apply, and any relevant deadlines.  All questions on how to apply or the status of your application should go directly to the institution, however, if you are struggling to get an answer please involve us and we will do our best to help.
  3. Apply for any visa/s you need and research flights and accommodation.  Be sure to confirm your dates of attendance with the institution before booking any flights.  Be aware that applying for visas can take a long time and you need to start that process immediately. If you need advice on anything to do with applying for a visa please speak to the institution you have been nominated to, as Aston is not able to advise outgoing students on other countries visa requirements.
  4. Submit your Dissertation form, if applicable.  Please note that you do not need to submit this form if your dissertation is due to be submitted before your study abroad period begins. The form can be found on BlackBoard here.

Tier 4 Authorised Absence Letter Request 

A Student Authorised Absence (SAB) will be automatically created for you by Student Support to show your study abroad on your student record. This logs that you are going to be outside of the country as part of your studies, and can be used as part of any necessary visa applications or to gain re-entry to the UK after your study abroad period if you are on a Tier 4 visa.

If you have a Tier 4 visa and intend to return to Aston after your study abroad it is essential that you travel with a copy of this SAB letter. If this applies to you, please email Student Support, copying and pasting the below text with your information filled in and a copy of the letter will be provided.


I confirm that I have a Tier 4 visa and have been nominated to study abroad.

Student Name

Student Number

Student Engagement 

While you are a student at Aston you are required to be engaging on your course and your engagement must be officially recorded. This continues to apply when you are nominated to study abroad, as you are still an Aston student up until the end of September (or longer). See here for information on Engagement Monitoring.

Even though you have a Student Authorised Absence (SAB) record, if you go on your study abroad period before 8th September 2018, you must continue to engage with Aston University until this date.

Failure to engage can result in students being withdrawn from their degree course, it is therefore essential that you follow the engagement guidelines carefully.

Further information on Student Engagement monitoring can be found here.

If you have any specific visa queries, please contact the Hub and one of the International Student Advisors. You can find their contact details here.

Certificate of Registration & Learning Agreement Form 

During the first two weeks of your arrival, you must take this document to be completed, signed and stamped by the International Office at your host institution.  You must then email this document to Student Support.

Please note both pages must be signed & stamped 

You can access this form here.

Are you returning to the UK? 

If you are finishing your study abroad period before September 2018, you must return to Aston University and go to the ABS Programme Office Reception Desk on the 6th Floor to have a Face To Face Enrolment recorded for you.  You should inform the member of staff that you are returning from a study abroad.

If your study abroad period finishes after September 2018, you are not required to return to Aston (and the Border Agency will have been informed that you are leaving the UK and are not returning to study at Aston, if you are a student with a visa).

Return your Study Abroad Feedback Form

This form is compulsory.

While on your study abroad you should have created your Feedback using the attached form. Within one month of the completion of your study abroad, you must email the form to Student Support.

Please use the attached template, but any additional information you can add will be welcomed.  It is important that you are honest and thorough in your Feedback.  Your name is not included on the form, and your host institution will not have access to your Feedback.