Accommodation and Presbyopia (20 credits)


The module provides a holistic overview of the research relating to ocular accommodation and presbyopia. Lectures will cover the theory of accommodation, and methods used to quantify accommodation in clinical and research environments. Further consideration will be given to the genesis, aetiology and pathogenesis of presbyopia. The final lectures in the module will consider advances in methods and techniques used to restore near visual function to the ageing eye. The evidence-based assignment will enable candidates to assimilate and disseminate the preceding body of literature pertaining to a particular aspect of accommodation and/ or presbyopia research.

 Summary of lecture content:

  • Accommodative apparatus (Dr Leon Davies)  
  • Theories of Human Accommodation (Dr Amy Sheppard)  
  • Autonomic control of ocular accommodation (Dr Leon Davies)  
  • Assessment of Accommodation (Dr Amy Sheppard)  
  • Accommodative After-Effects and Hysteresis (Dr Amy Sheppard)  
  • Macro- and microfluctuations of accommodation (Dr Leon Davies)  
  • Presbyopia I: aetiology and pathogenesis (Dr Leon Davies)  
  • Presbyopia II: clinical considerations (Dr Leon Davies)  
  • Surgical restoration of near function I: static approaches (Dr Amy Sheppard)  
  • Surgical restoration of near function II: dynamic approaches (Dr Amy Sheppard)