The module covers advanced studies in visual science, especially visual psychophysics, visual neurophysiology and neuroimaging, and aims to give a good understanding of current ideas about visual function and visual mechanisms, with some discussion of their connections to clinical and/or industrial practice in optometry.  The module will describe some of the fundamental science at a fairly advanced level, along with clinical studies on spatial vision, temporal vision, binocular vision, neuroimaging techniques and their application to amblyopia, human peripheral vision, the role of M and P cells and how this relates to clinical studies on glaucoma, and the role of attention in vision.

Areas covered will include:
  • Signal detection theory & psychophysics
  • Spatial vision & feature coding
  • Temporal vision & motion perception
  • Masking and suppression
  • Binocular interactions
  • Crowding and summation
  • Neuroimaging techniques: essential theory & methodology
  • Neuroimaging in human amblyopia
  • Human peripheral vision: role of M & P cells
  • Role of attention in vision.