The module will cover best practice on contact lens record keeping, advances in contact lens materials, contact lens complications and their management (including issues of compliance and how to minimise contact lens drop-outs), modern RGP and semi-scleral/scleral fitting, advances in understanding of soft contact lens fit (including toric lens stability), contact lenses for presbyopia, myopia control and fitting children, orthokeratology, therapeutic contact lens use, drug delivery and other uses of contact lenses. The different approaches to management of patients will be examined along with how they might be implemented in practice. The most common conditions requiring advanced contact lens practice will be discussed, including methods that help to differently diagnose common and unusual problems.

Topics covered include:

  • Enhanced contact lens record keeping
  • Advances in contact lens materials
  • Contact lens complications and their management
  • Modern RGPs and (semi-) sclerals
  • Advances in understanding soft lens fit
  • Contact lenses for the presbyopic patient
  • Myopia control and contact lenses for children
  • Orthokeratology
  • Therapeutic contact lens use
  • Drug delivery and other uses of contact lenses.