On successful completion of this module, students should be able to:
  • Demonstrate knowledge of ocular immunology and microbiology
  • Demonstrate an understanding of pharmacology and relate this to ocular therapeutic drugs
  • Interpret the legal basis and frameworks for prescribing
  • Prescribe safely and professionally as an individual or as part of a team
You will cover:
  • General and ocular immunology and microbiology
  • Principles of pharmacology
  • Ocular pharmacy and therapeutics
  • Medicines and the law
  • Effective prescribing
  • Medication errors and pharmacovigilance
  • Influences on prescribing practice and prescribing context (misuse of medicines)
  • Public health policy
  • Monitoring concordance with and response to treatment
  • Ethical issues in healthcare practice.
Completion of this module is necessary before undertaking Prescribing for Disorders of the Eye, as the knowledge and feedback gained from OP4OT1 is required for OP4OT2. Therefore, OP4OT1 and OP4OT2 may not usually be taken simultaneously during a study period.