Optometry Research Review (OP4OPR)

The 60 credit dissertation module gives MSc (Optometry) students the opportunity to research a topic which is of professional interest to the individual. The dissertation will address a topic pertinent to practising optometrists, and will usually be related to patient care. Directed study of the most up-to-date optometry literature will allow students to develop a contemporary understanding of the subject matter and provide a critical appraisal of published evidence in the selected field. The module also provides students the opportunity to plan and manage their own optometric research project (if they wish; subject to ethical clearance) and to produce an extended written dissertation. 

Ophthalmic Science Research Review (OP4OSR)

The 60 credit module provides MSc (Ophthalmic Science) students with the opportunity to gain advanced knowledge and develop critical awareness of a topic related their area of professional expertise. The review may centre upon basic ophthalmic science or contemporary professional practice. The dissertation process will allow students to use the analytical and intellectual skills gained from previous study of taught modules, notably Research Methods (OP4RM1). If desired (and subject to ethical approval), students will have the opportunity to conduct their own discrete research project into an area of personal concern, and may be laboratory- or desk-based.