(Including Continued CELCA Academic English Support)


About the LHS Masters programmes with Aston Pre-sessional 

We will be offering an option to study a 6 week Aston Pre-sessional  programme in English for Academic Purposes, delivered by the University’s Centre for English Language and Communication at Aston (CELCA), with the main programme of study at Masters Level. As part of the package, you will also receive ongoing fortnightly Academic English one-to-one support by CELCA following successful progression to the main programme.


You will only need to make one visa application to study in the UK, meaning that you'll save money.
You will not need to renew your visa before you begin your Masters.
You will raise your Academic English competence on Aston's fully accredited Pre-sessional programme.
You will maximise your potential thanks to the free Academic English support throughout your degree programme.
  • Your progression onto the Masters programme is conditional on you successfully completing the 6 week English language programme with a mark of 50% or higher. 

Aston Pre-sessional (6 weeks) aims to hone your linguistic competencies and skills in using English within an academic and professional context in order to meet the specific requirements of your degree. The integrated skills learning approach means that you will regularly practise reading, writing, speaking and listening within a subject-specific context as well as work on grammar and lexis. On completion of the module, you will have developed understanding in the nature and features of full-length academic written texts and lectures in English, including those related to your future academic discipline, and will be able to critically evaluate sources of information. You will have gained experience in producing cohesively and coherently written research proposals and research reports, and have built up your confidence in delivering effective individual presentations in English. Assessment includes an individual project, individual presentation and reading and listening tests.

Aston Pre-sessional is delivered by a team of qualified, experienced and dedicated staff at Aston University's Centre for English Language and Communication (CELCA). Your academic tutors and lecturers have a comprehensive understanding of the UK Higher Education environment and are there to support students through their learning process. We use a variety of innovative and engaging teaching methods which include interactive lectures, seminars, blended-learning, tutorials and workshops as well as private and small-group work.  There are also opportunities for individual project work, presentation delivery, seminar participation and attendance of live lectures. Aston Pre-sessional also provides an opportunity to meet and learn with students from a variety of cultural backgrounds and diverse nationalities and develop critical intercultural competence skills that will facilitate the transition onto your future Degree programmes.

  • Successfully completed your undergraduate degree;
  • A conditional offer for postgraduate study at the University for September 2018  with the only condition being that you meet the English language requirement; 
  • Taken an accepted English language test within the last 2 years prior to commencing on the Aston Pre-sessional programme;
  • Achieved a minimum IELTS (standard or UKVI approved) score of 6.0 

 The minimum requirements are below:


Overall entry requirement






6.0 overall





If you do not meet these entry requirements there are a range of other pre-sessional programmes offered here at Aston University

Click here to find out more information.

To secure your place, you will be required to pay the fee for the Aston Pre-sessional (6 week) programme, plus a deposit for the Masters degree. Once this payment has been received we will assess your suitability for a CAS to allow you to apply for a Tier 4 visa. Further details will be provided in your offer letter. 

The tuition fee for the Aston Pre-sessional (6 week) course 2018 is £2,050. Standard MSc programme fee applies as stipulated for EU/International students -  please see selected Course pages for further detail. 

1.  Apply online for a LHS postgraduate Masters programme.

Applicable LHS Masters programmes are listed below:

2.  Upon receipt of a conditional offer letter (with English language qualification being the only outstanding entry requirement), you will be provided with an online link to apply for the Aston Pre-sessional (6 week) programme.

For general information about the Aston Pre-sessional click here.

  • If you are eligible for an offer for the packaged programme, you will be invited to complete a pre-cas questionnaire.  Once this is approve you’ll be issued with one Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) to cover both the Aston Pre-sessional (6 week) programme and the Masters programme. This can then be used to apply for one Tier 4 visa.