Christopher Stevenson, MSc Clinical Science, 2014-2016 

I am currently a student on the MSc Clinical Science (Neurosensory) at Aston University. Most of this is undertaken via distance learning heavily utilising the university's VLE Blackboard.

One particular feature I find extremely useful is the fact that most lecturers record the audio of their talks meaning when it comes to revision you are able to listen back to the audio alongside the slides in "real time". This really supports learning as so much information is attained from the talk, at times more so than from the power point slides. Furthermore, most of the lecturers are practicing clinicians in the specialties they teach, bringing invaluable knowledge and experience to their lectures and really reinforcing the theory being taught.

Completion of this programme will allow me to apply for state registration as a clinical scientist, widening my career options within my current employment and elsewhere in the future if I chose to move on and has given me good knowledge of specialisms outside my own giving me a more holistic view of the patients' journeys.