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 Hayder Al-Jarsha, MSc Drug Delivery, 2013-2014

I would definitely come back to Aston to do my PhD degree in the future.

I’m Hayder from Iraq and I did my MSc degree in Drug Delivery at Aston University. It was really a unique experience in my life. My MSc programme involved many modules that provided me with both scientific knowledge and technical skills. Aston’s team is amazing; there is always someone you can ask for help and support.

I didn’t feel out of place as a international student at any point, since Aston is diverse and has students from all over the world. I lived on campus where I met my best friends. The accommodation is very nice and it is so close to the main building. It was a 2 minute walk from my room! Aston is in the heart of Birmingham and this made it very easy for me and my friends to go out anytime of the day to hang out, get food, or shop.

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 Shams Mousa Imran Al-Qaraghuli, OSPAP, 2013-2014

Being a student in a reputable university like Aston has made a huge difference to job offers in an extremely competitive career. I am now employed in a very reputable company. I am very thankful to Aston University and its great staff.

Since I am an overseas pharmacist, I was extremely concerned on how to get on with a new educational system. But from the first day of applying to the OSPAP course, I found all the university staff very friendly and understanding. I did not find any difficulty in getting along with the system; on the contrary, it was an unforgettably pleasant experience. The content of the course was explained thoroughly right from the very first day. 

Also, I was absolutely amazed by the services that are offered for everyone to boost our knowledge regarding essay writing, assignments, and even our English language.

The library offered a variety of services; they provide all the essential helpful resources and references, computers, printers and photocopiers. It also has different floors with different study areas, the quiet study area was very convenient for revision before exams; the group study areal was enormously helpful in discussing projects and presentations.

It was nice that we could book our own room to make a small meeting with colleagues to share opinions about seminars. 

I really respect how approachable the lecturers were; no one hesitated even once to answer our repetitive questions. To them I do owe my success. 

The OSPAP course in Aston provided me with a practical knowledge which is very similar to real life, it helped me a lot to understand the health system in the UK and how to professionally deal with different situations. I consider myself well-educated now and my skills have improved noticeably.