I can honestly say I have made life-long friends here during, what I would describe as, the best three years of my life! Aston University is without a doubt an inspiring place to study and thrive in student life! Kate Logan, BSc English Language 

Our students stories are unique and inspiring. Below are a selection of firsthand accounts from LSS students and alumni, sharing what they have experienced during their time at Aston and beyond.

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Lois Perkins

Lois Perkins
Doing a year abroad has without a doubt improved my confidence, organisation and independence.

Marcus Begley 119x112

Marcus Begley
The Year Abroad has significantly improved my language skills as well as my general understanding of Germany. 

Lyndsey Freeman

Lyndsey Freeman 
What I benefited from the most during my first and second year is the fact that class sizes are fairly small so you feel more comfortable in participating.

Caroline Davis

Caroline Davis
I feel that Aston's Placement Year programme really helps you discover what you want out of your future career. 

Gagan Aggarwal

Gagan Aggarwal Graduate 2013 
Aston University is a small university but I think that’s advantageous as all my lectures are in one building. It means that class sizes are smaller and lecturers get to know you.

Anna Petri

Anna Petri, Graduate 2013 - BSc Translation Studies - French and Spanish 

Another unique aspect of the university is its location in Birmingham city centre.  It’s a big city with loads to offer.

Claire Franks

Claire Franks, Graduate - Bsc Translation Studies - French & German 

I worked for one year at the International Chamber of Commerce as a legal secretary and have now moved on to work as a recruitment consultant at TM International.

Ellie Spencer

Ellie Spencer - BSc Translation Studies - French and Spanish 

Since the teaching is all undertaken in the target language, it can seem extremely daunting at first, but since being on placement I cannot stress enough how beneficial it has been for coming abroad.

Georgina Rayner

Georgina Rayner Graduate 2013 - BSc Translation Studies - French and German

Aston is in constant touch with its students, ensuring that we are kept up-to-date with recent news and events happening around the university and this only strengthens the community spirit felt within.

Hannah Burgess

Hannah Burgess Graduate - BSc Translation Studies - German

The teaching quality and variety of challenging modules on my course were excellent and allowed my German and translation skills to reach considerable heights.

Konrad Janiak

Konrad, Janiak - BSc Translation Studies - French 

To top my Erasmus year I travelled around the Europe visiting Amsterdam, Brussels and Lyon, hiked and skied in the French alps and took advantage of Sarkozy’s only one good reform - free museum passes for EU students!!

Maija Ivanova

Maija Ivanova Graduate - BSc Translation Studies - German 

After completing my undergraduate studies I knew I wanted to stay on to do a Masters here as well. I was very pleased with my undergraduate experience – the program, the facilities the academic staff - so it was an easy decision to stay. 

Ria Bush

Ria Bush Graduate 2013 - BSc Translation Studies - French

The French department at Aston is so close-knit; you become friends with your lecturers. There is no doubt that the lecturers are the best in their field and this is shown through their teaching and lessons.

Stuart Brown

Stuart Brown Graduate 2008 - BSc Translation Studies - French and German 

After graduation, I returned to Daimler's Corporate Language Management department in Stuttgart and continued translating owner's manuals and highly technical computer-based training programs before being headhunted in 2011 by the Anglokom Institut.

Rachel Williams

Rachel Williams, Gradaute 2013 - BSc International Relations and Spanish
During my Placement Year I undertook a Community Development Internship with The Phoenix Projects in Ecuador.

Rebecca Vitkovitch

Rebecca Vitkovitch, Graduate 2012 - BSc International Relations - French and Spanish

Campus life in first year is amazing, it’s such a small community and everyone is so friendly, you can’t walk across campus without bumping into someone you know.

Schielan Babat

Schielen Babat, Graduate 2013 - BSc International Relations - French and Spanish
University education has been criticized for being too theoretical and leaving students with little practical experience. Aston’s placement year, however, offers us a brilliant counter argument. 

Anna Wallace

Anna Wallace, Graduate - BSc German and Politics

Since graduation I have been working in public affairs, which means I seek to influence government policy and legislation. I am currently the Public Affairs Manager for the HR professional body, the CIPD.

Eliot Taylor

Eliot Taylor, Graduate 2012 - BSc German and Politics

Both of my disciplines are integrated into the same school of study, the School of Languages and Social Sciences, and the course is taught fully in German. This so called ‘integrated approach’ has helped create both a challenging and rewarding environment for my study.

Lisa Eichler

Lisa Eichler, Graduate 2013 - BSc German and English Language 

I particularly enjoyed 'German - Past and Present', a module in my first year in which the focus was on the development of the German language and its variations. During my second year I chose TESOL as a module, which prepared me for my placement year.

Abbey Wadey

Abbey Wadey, Graduate 2012 - BSc English Language  

I really like that Aston University is on one campus and this encourages a sociable and friendly atmosphere.

Holly Morgan

Holly Morgan - BSc English Language 

The relationship with my lecturers has definitely benefited my studies and is something that makes LSS unique, the small classes enable this relationship to be developed.

Kate Logan

Kate Logan - BSc English Language

The vibrant, friendly and buzzing atmosphere on campus is something you just don’t get at other universities. You are made welcome right from the start, from the famous ‘Aston Aunties’ that move you in to the amazing array of new friends that you will make.

Roberta Smith

Roberta Smith Graduate 2013 - BSc English Language

I love my course because it opens up so many doors for my future; it isn't the same old stuff from A-level but an exciting development into linguistics and language.

Amarjit Dubb

Amarjit Dubb - BSc English Language

When applying for English language courses one of my main priorities was to actively apply what was covered in class to real-world contexts and Aston University assured me they too had the same priority. 

Hayley Chisholm

Hayley Chisholm, Graduate 2012 - BSc English Language and Sociology

My placement year has been a key aspect in being able to get a job. 

Charles Donnell

Charles Donnell, Graduate 2013 - BSc English Language and Psychology

As a result of my placement, I was offered a graduate role with IBM on a Leadership Development Program with my first role as a Business Development Consultant in Dubai.


Dimitriya Valkova - BSc Politics with International Relations 

During my placement year I spent one year working in the HR Department of one of the biggest UK manufacturers, McVitie's.

Jasmin Sohi

Jasmin Sohi - BSc Politics with International Relations

Aston offered me a wide range of modules especially in second and final year so I was able to tailor my degree to what I was passionate about learning. 

Katrina Rattu

Katrina Rattu, Graduate 2013 - BSc Politics with International Relations

The class that prepared me most for my Placement Year was 'Security Studies' because it allowed you to theories present day security issues.


Vilius Vasiliauskas - BSc Politics with International Relations

I spent a year as an exchange student in South Korea, which was by far the best year of my life! Not only was it loads of fun, I also learned great things about different cultures as there were people from all around the globe.

Ben Culloty

Ben Culloty,Graduate 2012 - BSc Business and International Relations

Its location in the centre of Birmingham is also advantageous, as it means you have all the pubs, clubs and shops a student could ever want, right on your door step. 

Rosita Toneva

Rositsa Toneva - BSc Business and International Relations 

Aston University has helped me to realise what my carrier orientation is.

Jamelia Donaldson

Jamelia Donaldson - BSc Business and International Relations 

I feel as though the theoretical concepts and skills I will take away from this course, matched with my placement year experience  will allow me to have a successful career whether it be a self-owned business or as a part of a global organization.

Agnes Jacobs

Agnes Jacobs - BSc IBML - French

What I really like about IBML is the integration between the language and the business parts of the course, it allowed me not only to learn all the right vocabulary for living and working in France, but also to learn about the culture of business in France.

J Grigorjeva

Jekaterina Grigorjeva - BSc IBML - German

Aston is a place where you really feel like home. You meet people from all around the world, with very different backgrounds. You live in an intercultural community where you are never afraid to express your personal honest opinion as people are very open-minded.

John Rogerson

John Rogerson - BSc IBML - German

I chose to study IBML German to gain a comprehensive understanding of the functions and processes for managing organisations as well as changes in the international business environment.

Marina Konova

Marina Konova - BSc IBML - German  

What I absolutely love about Aston is the competent staff who often come from an industrial background and are able to share first hand business experience with you in the most friendly and supportive way. 

Chloe Piper

Chloe Piper, Graduate 2013 - BSc Sociology

For my placement year I worked full time in a homeless centre in Central London. The experience I gained during this time was invaluable and I learnt so much during my time there.

Hannah Pilcher

Hannah Pilcher Graduate 2012 - BSc Sociology

I feel that travelling to Thailand for my Placement Year really opened my eyes to what I wanted to do after university, before this I had no idea.


Tomi Olarewaju Graduate 2013 - BSc Sociology 

During my placement year I went to New York where I worked in marketing, advertising and promotions.

Michelle Lee

Michelle Lee - BSc Politics and Sociology 

My placement year was spent in one of the busiest cities in the world, Central London. This gave me an incredible insight into the Consulting world and a fantastic opportunity to network across the globe.

Moriam Abdul

Moriam Abdul, Graduate 2013 - BSc Business and Sociology 

What makes Aston unique is that it is a campus university, everything that students may require is in one space. Aston is also in the centre of everything, which makes it accessible for students to socialise after a studying. 

Amy Leighton

Amy Leighton, Graduate 2012 - BSc Business and Sociology 

The majority of my sociology lecturers know me personally, a rare trait in higher education, and are always happy for me to approach them to talk about theoretical concepts. It has been this guidance and personal approach to teaching that has made my course so enjoyable.

Ilona Hodson

Ilona Hodson, Graduate 2012 - BSc Business and Sociology  

Since graduating I was offered a job in the Reputation and Employer Branding department at McDonald's headoffice as a Reputation Officer.