BSc Psychology and English Language, Graduate 2013

I was attracted to Aston firstly because of its course selection. It was really difficult going from studying five A-levels, two of which I really enjoyed, to then go down to studying just one subject. Being able to study two subjects, English Language and Psychology was appealing to me not only because I really enjoy the content of both disciplines but I also think it is good to have breadth in your degree – which this offered greatly.

The best bits so far studying my degree at Aston are being able to study with modern, top class facilities but also have a city centre job. It is really handy being a 5 minute walk as not only does it help when it comes to shopping, but also it allowed me to have a part time job. I think it’s really easy to get lost in University life and having a job on the side really helped in terms of having that extra money to spend on Birmingham night life as well as living in the ‘real world’. Birmingham really is a student city and you find clubs and bars are full of students!

Another highlight of studying at Aston is the lecturers. They are so supportive and you have friendly relationships with them, it’s not like at college when your teacher is a figure of authority that you can’t approach or talk to, they’re mentors as well as teachers and it’s really nice to feel comfortable to approach your lecturer whether it’s about academic or personal life.

I spent my placement year working for IBM. At IBM I work in Human Resources, more specifically recruitment. My role is involved in University Attraction and Recruitment Coordination; I also work in Recruitment Marketing. The University Attraction part of my role is involved in attracting and recruiting students and graduates to join IBM which means I travel up and down the UK promoting IBM. The Recruitment Coordination part of my role is involved in more of a delivery side, actually running and organising assessment centres.

Another great thing about Aston is their emphasis on placements and doing a placement I feel is so important, especially in the current economic climate. Jobs are not easy to find at the moment and doing a placement gives you those necessary, employability skills and competencies before you graduate. As a result of my placement, I have been offered a graduate role with IBM on a Leadership Development Program with my first role as a Business Development Consultant in Dubai commencing August 2013.

Charles Donnell

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