BSc Sociology, Graduate 2013

During my placement year I went to New York where I worked in marketing, advertising and promotions. I learnt how to create direct marketing campaigns and present them to potential clients; how to plan, implement and evaluate partnerships and promotions, and also how to conduct research for current and future projects. I got the opportunity to assist in creating direct marketing campaigns and also helped accumulate financial statements and reviews. I aided the coordination of market research projects and assisted in the formulating of future marketing schemes. The skills I gained include time management, self-discipline, improved communication skills, and also team cooperation. I learnt how to understand different viewpoints as well as my own.

My placement year helped me with my final year studies when it came to deadlines, presentations and organisation. Working in the advertising and marketing sector abroad meant I had to present information in an environment with a slightly different set of customs and culture - this has led me to become an effective communicator . Outreaching to clients and sometimes cold calling also increased my confidence when doing presentations in front of my classes this year. Completed work under a deadline was expected from my work supervisors which meant I had to increase my levels of organisation - something this is invaluable and much needed for final year especially. 

Tomi Olarewaju

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