BSc InternationalPolitics -German, Graduate 2012

Opting for Aston University was always a straightforward decision for me. The size, location and convenience of the campus are an immediate pull and within a matter of days, from the beginning of term, the entire area takes on a real community feel. Finding somewhere where I could study German and Politics together was one of my main priorities when searching for a University but the course Aston offered has surpassed my initial criteria. Both of my disciplines are integrated into the same school of study, the School of Languages and Social Sciences, and the course is taught fully in German. This so called ‘integrated approach’ has helped create both a challenging and rewarding environment for my study – even if it was slightly intimidating to begin with!

The opportunity to take a Year Abroad was very appealing to me and the International Placements Team at Aston University were extremely supportive. From the word go getting in contact with them was encouraged, either to inform them of any problems or just to catch up. Even during Second Year, in preparation for the placement, they offered a series of sessions on the year abroad and how to best exploit it. I spent a year working in a school in a provincial, East German town called Plauen. I had already considered teaching as a career before the Year Abroad but the assistantship programme spurred me on to pursue it as a career in the UK. Consequently I have received a place on a teacher training course at Exeter University to teach German. Living in a foreign country and having to adapt a different culture only increased my positive outlook towards Germany, as well as broadening my horizons. The experience not only improved my German and my confidence but also gave me the chance to see places I had never been to before and make lots of friends  - the only bad part was having to leave.

Aston University is a kind of microcosm of Birmingham itself- a cosmopolitan and central hub, and that’s what makes coming back an exciting proposition. Not just the University but also the city has so much to offer. Being just a stone’s throw away from the city centre gives you so many options. Birmingham feels every bit the modern city and Aston is very much a part of that.

Since graduating I secured a place on a teacher training course at Exeter University starting in September 2012.

Eliot Taylor
Eliot Taylor

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