BSc International Business and German

My decision to study at Aston was mainly based on the opportunity to study on the IBML program. International Business and Modern Languages is one of a few programs in the UK which offers you a great insight into the business world and at the same time focuses not only on a foreign language, but also on the political, cultural and economical aspects of a particular country. I enjoy my course because of the diversity of the topics it has to offer.

Aston is a place where you really feel like home. You meet people from all around the world, with very different backgrounds. You live in an intercultural community where you are never afraid to express your personal honest opinion as people are very open-minded. The opportunity of going abroad for your placement year is another advantage which Aston University offers to its students. Being currently on my placement I realize how much does it mean to have an opportunity to implement your theoretical knowledge in practice, get acquainted with the working environment and learn about another culture and different mentality. Placement year is not just something that will look good on your CV and improve your employability in the future, but it’s also one of the most exciting experiences during the university life which considerably contributes to your personal development.

Aston University has a unique central location which allows you to make the most of your student life. As a student city Birmingham offers you a great night life, student prices, and amazing shopping opportunities. While being student in Birmingham you will never be bored.

Aston Student Guild is another place that plays an important role in the social life of many students. No matter if you would just like to make some new friends or try yourself in a leadership position, Student Guild is a place where everyone can find something different for themselves.

The decision to study at Aston University was definitely one of the best decisions I made in my life, as it helped to broaden my horizons, explore the world, and gave an opportunity to meet amazing people.

Jekaterina Grigorjeva

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