BSc Translation Studies - French

Before joining Aston, I was impressed by how at home I felt on campus as well as already being drawn to the French teaching programme. What I benefited from the most during my first and second year is the fact that class sizes are fairly small so you feel more comfortable in participating. What’s more, the rapid response to your emails by lecturers ensures a query never goes unanswered for long. I have enjoyed the independence of living away from home and running the Music Society in second year - just one of Aston's numerous societies to take part in.

Currently I am on my Year Abroad where I am working in Toulouse for a period of 12 months (split between two 6-month jobs). In my first job I was an English Assistant in an airline where I learned a lot not just in French but about my own language. What's more, working solely with adults as opposed to being in a school meant I had the privilege of hearing a huge range of anecdotes which made my job much more enjoyable. Toulouse is an amazing city in the south of France and there is always something you can be doing. Settling in here was really easy and what makes it special is how it is different to other parts of France, especially because of its local delicacies and the accent. Living with French people together with speaking to colleagues and French friends has really contributed to boosting my confidence in French speaking. Even though I am just over halfway through my placement, I would thoroughly recommend the experience to anyone. I have learned so much in such a short space of time and feel it has well-prepared me for challenges in the futures, not to mention the benefits of the travel opportunities, particularly to the Pyrenees and across the whole of the south which have been the highlights of my own experience.

Lyndsey Freeman

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