BSc Translation Studies - German, Graduate 

When applying to studying for an undergraduate degree, the balance of theory and practice was really important to me. At Aston the balance is perfect. After completing my undergraduate studies I knew I wanted to stay on to do a Masters here as well. I was very pleased with my undergraduate experience – the program, the facilities the academic staff - so it was an easy decision to stay. 

Towards the end of my Masters at Aston I was offered a job as a Translation Project Manager in a B2B translation and language training company. Throughout the Masters program, especially in the profession workshops (which gave an invaluable insight into the industry and the ‘real world’), I realised that I was specifically interested in project management within the field of translation. I believe that my BSc and MA helped me to get this job.

I have now worked with the company for a little over two years and during my second annual review in September I was promoted to Senior Project Manager. I have felt at home in this company and role, and have felt confident with the knowledge base which I had built up at Aston. This confidence has formed a significant part of my success in my job.

Maija Ivanova

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