BSc German 

On my Year Abroad, I worked as a British Council Language Assistant in two ‘Realschule’ in Bavaria, Germany. Within this role I taught lessons, gave presentations about England and prepared the older pupils for speaking exams through conversation classes. Whilst I've learnt I don't want to become a teacher, I really did learn so much from my time in the school and have become more confident. The pupils were always so friendly and were really pleased to have a native English person there to help them improve.

Whilst on my Year Abroad, I spent most weekends travelling with my girlfriend. We visited lots of cities in Germany, as well as many cities in other European countries. I really enjoyed experiencing a different culture and the whole Year Abroad has significantly improved my language skills as well as my general understanding of Germany. It has been such a great experience. 

From my experience I've become more organised and creative - Trying to keep lessons interesting and also productive can be difficult! I would say I have also gained the ability to improvise when maybe something doesn't quite go to plan. I think, since teachers are sort of 'leaders', my team work and also leadership skills have also improved. Appearing confident and self sure are important attributes for teachers to have.

I'm still not sure about what job I would like in the future, but I know that this experience has definitely been beneficial. 

Marcus Begley
Marcus Begley

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