BSc International Business and German

Aston University was my first choice university from the moment I started applying for higher education institutions in the UK because of the reputation of Aston Business School and the diversity of degree programmes offered. I am doing IBML German and this was the only university which provided me with the opportunity to mix the studying of Business and a chosen language so, that these come together in an optimal blend, and not just stay apart as separate module areas.

What I absolutely love about Aston is the competent staff who often come from an industrial background and are able to share first hand business experience with you in the most friendly and supportive way. Everyone in Aston is committed to the students and are trying to help them and develop their skills.

During my placement search this year I had wonderful experience with the staff from the Placement office, and our communication has not stopped now I’ve begun my placement. They were always willing to help me deal with any difficulties I faced. I am happy I managed to secure my placement in a globally recognized and successful company and I know this is an invaluable opportunity. The industrial placement in Aston is meant to help you stand out in the job market one day and this idea deeply is embedded in Aston Business School culture and traditions.

All these benefits of studying at Aston, plus the fact that you are in an international setting and in England´s second largest city, make Aston University a top experience which I am proud to be part of.

Marina Konova

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