BSc Business and Sociology, Graduate 2013

I chose Aston because out its well-renowned reputation of the Business School that is recognised not only in the UK but in Europe. I had an interest in Business and Sociology from taking them at A-Level and was happy that Aston had a Joint Honours course that would allow me to study my two favourite subjects. Being from London I wanted to experience the University Lifestyle in another city that is similar but not too far away.

What makes Aston unique is that it is a campus university, everything that students may require is in one space. Aston is also in the centre of everything, which makes it accessible for students to socialise after a studying. There is a natural hard-working culture among students here.

The benefits of living in Birmingham is that you are located in the second city, which is as multi-cultural as London. There are lots of activities to do, shopping, restaurants and a thriving student population. Everything is within walking distance and Aston is in the heart of Birmingham.

My favourite subject is 'Consumer Behaviour' because it is an inspirational course that encourages you to think critically with how you engage with purchases you make. It gives you an insight to how consumers think and  how marketers manipulate consumers behaviour. Laura Chamberlain, the lecturer will keep you engaged, entertained and eager to learn more about the course and she is always happy to help.

My aspirations is to continue embarking on my marketing career, my final year modules have helped develop my transferable skills. I can see how theory from my modules are related in practice to the workplace and I have been given the opportunity to gain experience for my competencies over the course of the years at Aston.

I was fortunate to gain Marketing experience at two multinational firms, L’Oreal and DELL.

Placement 1:

I worked at a Marketing Assistant Intern.

My main duties at L’Oreal, were to help re-design marketing communications, five financial reports on product turnover and sales every month, new product launch strategies and social media management. It was a really creative role that allowed me use theoretical frameworks from university and my own personal ideas, that were used within the product launch strategies, One of my best achievements from L’Oreal is when I was given the opportunity to launch a new product to the UK Market. I developed project management, creatively, initiative, and team working skills.

Placement 2:

I worked at a Marketing Assistant Intern.

My main duties DELL, I completed the social media and communications course (SMaC) that all employees are encouraged to complete in order manage the DELL social media accounts. I attended IT conferences to speak to prospect clients, I worked closely with  inside sales and sales operation team. This role was more event focus, I was given the opportunity to manage a Christmas event for DELL staff members (in London and Edinburgh) with a budget of £10,000. Here I developed my communication, leadership and sales pitching.

The placement year benefited me in terms of having a jump-start to my marketing career, this is something that some graduates do not have when they graduate. I also have experienced working life and I know what to expect in the future. I am continuing to develop on the some new skills that I learnt I work in my final year and my work ethic has changed. I believe I am more productive and plan my time well.

Companies love to recruit people with prior experience and now I believe I have a competitive edge over other applicants. I have loads to examples to share with future employers of where I have proven myself to be a great asset to companies where I have previously worked. I also believe that some of the work structures I have applied to hoe I work at university.

Moriam Abdul

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