BSc English Language, Graduate - 2013

I actually only decided on making Aston my first choice once visiting the university. The small, community feel of the campus combined with the exciting information from lecturers, especially about the Placement Year, instantly made my decision that Aston was the place for me. 

I love my course because it opens up so many doors for my future; it isn't the same old stuff from A-level but an exciting development into linguistics and language. My favourite module is one I am studying at the moment called “language of evidence” which is an introduction to Forensic Linguistics. The most inspirational staff member for me is my lecturer and personal tutor, Carol Marley. Carol has been there for me throughout my entire degree not only for work related problems but personal also. I think Carol has played a large part in keeping me motivated and determined to work hard. 

Currently I hope to have a career in journalism or publishing, my course has taught me how language can be used to affect the audience and for different purposes. We have covered advertising, news/media, and many other modules, which will play a large part in helping me achieve my goals. 

My Placement Year was spent studying in South Korea at one of the top Universities in Seoul. I had the chance to study Korean language as well as a range of classes that reflected my Aston degree course, these ranged from gender in Literature to media and communication to Morphology. I met other exchange students from all over the world as well as many Korean students. I cannot begin to describe what an incredible experience my exchange to Korea was, I learnt communication skills, independence, determination and so much more. Alongside studying I also taught two young Korean girls conversational English, which again gave me great communication skills and language teaching practice. Of course I also had the chance to travel and absorb a culture which is still unknown by so many people. I have learnt how important culture is and having a wide knowledge of different cultures. This comes in useful for any job you might want in the future especially business related. 

Although my placement wasn't a work placement, employers will hopefully see my placement as a sign of strength, determination and independence. Having the confidence to do something like live in Asia for a year shows a lot of substance as well as the experience with so many cultures. Working with international contacts is very important of businesses nowadays and someone who can communicate and empathize with people will be very valuable.

Roberta Smith

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