BSc InternationalRelations - French and Spanish, Graduate 2013

What attracted me to Aston was primarily my degree programme which was perfectly suited to my inability to choose one single subject. I knew that I wanted to study International Relations but was unwilling to give up studying any of my foreign languages. Aston offered me the possibility to study IR with not only one, but two foreign languages whilst being in an English speaking environment! Its ranking positions as well as the personal impression I got during an open day were the last points that helped me make my decision to study at Aston, a decision I have not regretted since.

As a student at Aston you benefit from a combination of a high level of independence and support. You are encouraged to think critically and whenever possible, to dedicate your coursework to your own research interests. Nevertheless, the academic staff are always willing to help if you have difficulties or to give constructive feedback in order to improve your performance.

What I love about studying French and Spanish at Aston is that it is not merely focused on the linguistic aspect but includes modules on French and Spanish history, society and culture. I am currently doing a semester at the Universidad de Granada where I am taking various modules at the politics and sociology faculty. It took me a few weeks to get used to the Spanish University system; however, I was able to this in beautiful Granada enjoying free tapas, sangria and the view of the Alhambra. And I did manage to enrol for all my courses in the end, some of which turned out to be very interesting. I have already visited some other lovely places in Spain with my friends, such as Cordoba and Malaga and will continue doing so to make the most of my year abroad!

University education has been criticized for being too theoretical and leaving students with little practical experience. Aston’s placement year, however, offers us a brilliant counter argument. We have the opportunity to round up our academic foundation with actual work experience and fluency in our target languages. I have already made so many great experiences during my time at Aston, personal as well as professional, that have undoubtedly improved my job perspectives immensely.

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