Hannah Derry

Name and course:

Hannah Derry, BSc Psychology & Business

Graduate job:

Development Advisor, PSA Groupe


HR Industrial Placement, PSA Groupe

Why did you choose to study at Aston?

Aston is one of the best business schools around, and one of the only universities to run my course at the time. I wanted to get the best level of teaching I could without compromising my choices so Aston was a perfect fit.

How did the quality of teaching and student support enhance your time at Aston?

All of my lecturers were always willing to help, or just to chat about the topics we'd been studying. If you ask for help, you will always get it which is invaluable in terms of support.

What was the highlight of your time at Aston?

The friends I’ve made in my 4 years at Aston will be friends for life and we've all helped each other through some tough, and also some fun, times.

How do you feel your placement prepared you for your future career?

I wouldn't have secured my graduate role without having completed placement. It gave me the opportunity to get used to working in an office environment and working full-time, all whilst meeting new people and learning new things. Placement helped me get in to a routine for Final Year, which helped me manage my workload at uni and do well.

What was the highlight of your placement experience?

Having the opportunity to meet new people and learn a million things. I had the opportunity to save and then travel after having an amazing time on placement.

How did you find the Aston campus experience?

Aston as a Campus is great, it has a homely feel and doesn't at all feel like you're in city centre Birmingham! It's like its own little town where you can bump in to people you know at any time, it's also handy if you're late for your lectures because they're all in one place. Being by the lake on a summer’s day has to be some of my best memories.

What was the best thing about being a student in Birmingham?

Birmingham is an amazing city with so much to discover! Even after 4 years of living here there is so much I haven't done yet. There's something for everyone in Birmingham, whether you like having a night out, or just going to the cinema to chill out.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of studying at Aston?

Aston is perfect for you if you want to work hard but reap the rewards - you can make the most of every opportunity here and the people you meet will support you every step of the way, it's a home away from home for everyone.

What would be your top recommendation to new students on what to do or see in Birmingham?

Get out of the city centre! It's easy to forget that there's so much to do in Birmingham - Digbeth is a great place to start if you want something a bit different. It has an array of shops, bars, clubs and activities like the cinema (there's also an adventure golf course opening soon!).

If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice as a first year student, what would it be?

Get yourself organised so you can spend more time with your friends without worrying about your work - you'll only live with your best friends for 4 years so make the most of it!

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