Meet a number of students and graduates from a range of Aston School of Life & Health Sciences postgraduate courses who have shared why they chose Aston University and what they feel are the benefits of studying at Aston University are. PhD graduate profiles can be found here.

Aisosa Imas Iyoha

Aisosa Iyoha, MSc Pharmaceutical Science (current student & Ferguson Scholar)

I chose Aston University because it is one of leading universities in the UK located in a serene environment and known for its world-class teaching and research quality. Aston University is a welcoming and safe place for students to live and study. The  Allan and Nesta Ferguson Trust Scholarship is the only reason I am able to advance my education in the UK. This generous support is helping me fulfill a lifelong dream of schooling in the UK. 

Aston University/School of Life & Health Sciences (pharmaceutical sciences) is the best academic environment in my academic life thus far because of it world class teaching/research quality essential for sustainable solutions to global health challenges.  The quality of teaching with professional insight has enhanced my academic and research skills.  The city of  Birmingham is a conducive and affordable environment to live and study.

Beth Wagland

Beth Wagland, MSc Health Psychology,  Health and Wellbeing Assistant, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust.

I had done my undergrad here therefore I was familiar with the facilities and it was a familiar environment. I also got the reduced fees because I had studied here previously.  The course content was very interesting and the lecturers helpful and friendly. The other students on my course were also very friendly and we formed good friendships and were very supportive of one another.  My Aston experience  has helped me to decide what career path I would like to take as well as the relevant knowledge to apply for jobs.

Oluwayemisi Ikwuobe

Oluwayemisi Ikwuobe, OSPAP,  Pre-registration Pharmacist, Highfield Road Pharmacy

I chose Aston because I was a former student (I completed my masters degree in drug delivery at Aston University). I also chose Aston for its standards and proximity to my home. I enjoyed the multicultural  environment at Aston. In addition to that, I had great tutors who were always willing to help, always ready to listen to any questions I had, and excited to help me improve in whatever area I was lacking. Their passion for their jobs could never doubted. 

As an overseas pharmacist graduate, Aston University has brought me up to speed with the differences in pharmacy practice in my home country, Nigeria, and pharmacy practice in the United Kingdom. Furthermore Aston University has given me the solid foundation I need to practice as a pharmacist in the United Kingdom. The OSPAP programme at Aston was highly comprehensive, educative and impactful on my knowledge as a pharmacist, and I couldn't have chosen a better school for study

I enjoyed the fact that I could study in the same town I live in, with great access to Nigerian food.

Favour Chukwunonyerem, MSc Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

I was looking for a university that was highly rated for research and then I was also looking for a university that had a lot of student satisfaction, so Aston just clicked.

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Seabelo Reginald Maje

Seabelo Reginald Maje, MSc Optometry,  Optometrist,  4Eyes

Aston is one of the top Global leading Universities and is offering international accredited courses.  The thing I enjoyed most at Aston was the clear, honest, transparent and timely communication. My Aston  experience  has improved my professional competencies.

Shahjahan Yaseen

Shahjahan Yaseen, OSPAP, Pre-registration Pharmacist, Talbot Pharmacy

I chose Aston because it is a best ranked university in all the universities which were I could do my degree. I enjoyed the whole journey from the start till end, gaining knowledge and meeting new people.  Aston has provided me the knowledge and confidence which can help me to achieve any position in my career. The thing I enjoyed most about Birmingham was it  is a multi-cultural environment.

Thipsuda Dulyaphakorn

Thipsuda Dulyaphakorn, OSPAP (MSc), Pre-registration pharmacist, Pyramid pharmacy

I chose Aston due to the teputation of the pharmacy school and the ranking (top 10 UK). I enjoyed the learning environment and great support from all academic personnel.  The pharmacy school has prepared me very well in terms of clinical knowledge and calculation while my research project helped me developed my critical thinking skills. The best thing about Birmingham are the  events all year round and location near London.

Mai Homira Rezai,  MSc Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine,  PhD Student, Aston University

Great optional choices for your modules as well. We had to choose a project as well which helped me greatly in picking what I want to do next.


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