The pre-registration year

Pharmacy pre-reg year student
We'll support you in finding the perfect pre-registration year
Optometry and Pharmacy graduates must complete a pre-registration year before they can register with their industry's regulatory body and practice as a fully qualified practitioner. The pre-registration year is a supervised and assessed year in industry where graduates have to prove they can demonstrate the competencies needed to practice as registered optometrists or pharmacists.

The pharmacy pre-registration year

Once you've completed your MPharm qualification, you will need to take a pre-registration year. This will allow you to register with the General Pharmaceutical Society (GPhC) and become a practicing pharmacist. The year in industry will be followed by an examination.

This one year training programme can be undertaken in any pharmacy environment, provided at least six months is spent in either the community or hospital sectors. This practical experience follows a GPhC syllabus which involves demonstrating a range of skills which are essential to the practice of pharmacy. These include dispensing medicines on prescription, using certain apparatus or counselling patients.

Optometry student
Pre-registration years are compulsory for optometry and pharmacy graduates

The optometry pre-registration year

The Optometry pre-registration year follows the same principles as the Optometry year - the key difference being that, on completion, students gain membership of the College of Optometrists before they take a series of Post Qualifying Examinations (PQEs).

The pre-registration year allows newly graduated optometrists to gain clinical experience in all aspects of sight care, allowing you to prove your professional skills and knowledge.

How we can help

Our Life & Health Sciences placements service and the University's careers centre provide support for all students who need to embark on this year in industry. Our services include:
  • Advertising suitable pre-registration year vacancies in the University's virtual learning environment
  • Individual assistance with completing application forms and developing your CV
  • Workshops and lectures on the application process for the pre-registration year.