A self-switcher who used Clearing to carve out his own path, Atif's goal is to bridge business and media to build his business empire.

His first step: taking a piece of the Asian Wedding cake.

Atif’s Dad.
Sceptical of his son’s investment.

“I want to buy a car.”

“What for?”

“Asian weddings.”

“… finish your degree first.”

“Do you know how much Asian Weddings are worth?”

“Degree first.”

“It’s an industry worth £3b. I’ve calculated a 542% return on investment, taking into consideration depreciation, maintenance, staff personal holiday allowance, the website build and marketing of the vehicle.”


“I’ll make it my placement year.”

“I want part ownership.”

Here’s to the ones who carve out their own path

“A car is worth more than the sum of its parts. That nick on the wind mirror? Take £50 off the asking price, but pay £100 when it falls off. Untreated rust on the underside? Yeah, it’s out of sight right now, but if left untreated it can cost you the customer. My degree helps me see things in numbers. My passion makes my business happen.”