Here is Raman.

A student pharmacist with a determined eye. She’s no stranger to digging in and getting it done. If science was easy then we wouldn't have any problems left to solve. Her goal shines at the end of 9-to-5 labs, lectures and a quick sandwich in between if she’s lucky. Pharmacist life.

It’s not easy learning how to save lives, but she’ll give it all she’s got.

Pharmacy is what I study.
It’s not who I am.

I took an odd combination of A-Levels                   I’m not afraid of experimenting

I make videos for YouTube                                       I have a creative side too, you know?

I applied because there was an interview            I like to push myself

I moved far away from home                                 I step outside my comfort zone

I failed first year                                                       I learn from my mistakes

I study Pharmacy to save lives                              I have a cause          

Here’s to the determined that never give up

“Being a pharmacy student here is like a full-time job. It’s relentless, but that’s the best kind of training. I have placements on my doorstep and I’ve already started making connections with Boots and Birmingham Children’s Hospital over the road. Everything is here, all you need is the grit to take from it as much as it tries to take from you.”