Here is Sophie.

The self-diagnosed psychology obsessive with a flash of boldness. No apologies. Bright and determined, her drive is to challenge psychosis and uncover new ways of managing depression.

But first, she has to convince her Mum about her placement in Bali.

Sophie’s mother.
Justifiably concerned parent. 

“It’s a bit far.”

“I want to push myself. Working abroad will take me out of my comfort zone.”

“What will you do?”

“Teach people about mental health and wellbeing, working in a psychiatric hospital.”



“It’s just that… You’ve never flown on your own before.”

Here’s to being bold.

“There are a lot of people studying psychology, so you need to get ahead of the pack. Sharing my story, flying halfway across the world and throwing caution to the wind isn’t the typical me. But it’s working. My confidence is growing, I’m swapping  Chelmsley Wood for Bali and making it happen.”