Application Process

UCAS Application

Students apply through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Scheme (UCAS) and can select up to five different universities. These universities will then decide either to make a ‘conditional offer’ (dependant on achieving certain qualifications) an ‘unconditional offer’ (guaranteed) or to reject the application.

The UCAS application needs to be completed and submitted before the deadline (which will be available on to ensure your applications are sent to the Universities of your choice. Schools often offer support sessions on how to complete a UCAS form and these can be very useful.

Offers are typically made in terms of achieving a number of ‘UCAS points’ which relate to the grades achieved at A-Level or equivalent, e.g. an offer of 320 points from three A-Level subjects is equivalent to A-Level grades ABB. The offers vary between all schools and it is important to ensure students are familiar with the requirements for the degree they are interested in. To work out how many UCAS points are awarded to specific qualifications, please visit

Once a student has received all five decisions they have to select one university to be their ‘firm’ (preferred) choice and one to be their ‘insurance’ (backup).