Minita Unadkat Placement Case Study

Name: Minita Unadkat
Course: Computing for Business (ITMB)
Placement role: Service Development Analyst  Placement Company: Glaxo Smith Kline
Year: 2015/2016

I applied to the top 5 companies that I could see myself working at, I ensured I had done my research for the company and the various roles they offer, GSK being one of them. I applied and went through the online tests as well as the interview process, and was offered two potential roles the very next day. I chose the one best suited to my skills and that would challenge me.

I was very fortunate my role had no routine to it, I was always doing something new and fresh, which was exciting. Due to working within a service, my role was to ensure we use feedback we get to improve the service process, and this would change depending on priority. Also, being a service run globally in GSK, working alongside different countries ensure the service standards are met and providing support to team worldwide. 

I have learnt a vast amount during my placement skills which included communication and confidence, this was key as I was liaising with various positions in the companies and also, people across the globe. One this I have improved on drastically is time management, as a student you do not realise the value of time to its full extent.  

I would encourage all students to ensure they go for a placement year, it not only develops your transferrable skills and the skills in your career line, but it helps you identify what areas you want to go in the future. It also, gives you the upper hand in applying to jobs, as you have had a years’ experience in a business.

Within IT, it sometimes is hard to see the link between how things are done in reality, doing a placement year has enabled me to realise the link between the skills in university and a cooperate environment. The year has allowed me to identify my strengths and select modules and projects for final year, which would be suited to my skill set as well topics I will enjoy.

The placement year has definitely aided in me deciding what I want to do in the future, and the various positions I would like to reach. Placement has taught me, I can do anything if I work hard and put my mind to it.

Tiffany Chung Placement Case Study

Name: Tiffany Chung
Course: BSc (Hons) English Language
Placement role: English Teaching Assistant 
Placement company: SEK International Schools, Madrid
Year: 2015/16

I found my placement through Aston Futures and directly applied through it. This particular company was already working with Aston so I was very interested. After sending my CV and cover letter to the employer, I was given an interview very shortly after I’d applied and was told I had been successful a few months later. 

The typical working day would start at 9:15am and end at 5pm. In between these hours, I would work with a class of 20 students doing lots of different jobs: checking their school dairies, making worksheets, listening to them read, marking their homework and doing playground duty. After 5pm, I would either head into the capital or relax at home. 

During this placement, I was able to learn new skills and improve on my current skills. Working in a diverse environment allowed me to increase my self-confidence and time management skills. I was also given various jobs by my teacher in which I was able to offer my IT skills by creating videos/power points for the students to learn from. 

Placement year is a fantastic opportunity for young students to experience the working world whilst still in full time education. Not only does it give you an insight on what you want to do in the future, but it also allows you to grow as a person and do things that you may never have dreamed of. It’s definitely worth considering! 

Placement year has given me an insight on what I would like to do in the future – though they’re not for definite. It has made me realise that I have a strong passion to work with children with the help of 3 years’ previous experience in the field. It has affected my final year as I will be picking a module that is related to teaching English as a second language. 

Gagan Grewal Placement Case Study

Name: Gagan Grewal
Course: BSc Mathematics with Economics
Placement role: Erasmus Exchange Student
Placement company: Universidad Carlos Tercero De Madrid (UC3M)

I received an email from international placement team regarding study placements. They required a CV and a covering letter including your choices and why you want to do a study placement; in my case it was Madrid, Milano and Montreal.  I was invited to an interview with international placement team regarding what to expect in the programme, the expectations of Aston students abroad and the necessary requirements to complete prior to arrival. A week later I was accepted to UC3M.

The best thing about my placement was that every day was never the same, with many days being spontaneous.  Although I would be studying and trying to keep fit, I managed to visit centre of Madrid (which was a very vibrant and exciting city) whether it was for socialising, sightseeing or exploring Spanish culture. I visited different parts of Spain and the autonomous regions within Madrid which has given me the opportunity to experience Spanish culture. Getting around Madrid was made easy by the generous discount offered to students (20 Euros a month). The main message is that on a study placement, there is no such thing as a typical day.

I acquired a new language skill i.e.  Spanish (no brainer!) which allowed me to integrate easier and also allowed me to develop my communication skills. I was involved with group work for several of modules and this allowed me to gain skills in presenting, report writing and the ability to perform well in a group. The placement also allowed me to become more organised as there were lots of tasks to be done simultaneously 

Go for it, it will be a life changing experience. You will make a lot of friends; learn new skills and studying abroad makes you more open minded about other cultures. You will also have responsibilities which will help when you enter the world of work. A placement also allows you to make decisions and this can allow you to learn from them.  Studying abroad can make you more independent and it allows you to learn more about the world we live in and allows you to gain exposure to new cultures.

Since completing the placement, I would definitely consider working abroad as I would like the experience of working in different countries and learn about different cultures which will make life more rewarding and richer. I will also change the way l study and prepare for finals as study abroad has taught me to revise for exams in a different style which I believe helped me to gain better marks in the exams.