Luke placement student
Name: Luke Billings

Course: BSc International Business and Management
Placement roles:  Country Manager United Kingdom and Ireland 
Company:  Housing Anywhere 

My role at Housing Anywhere, was the Country Manger United Kingdom & Ireland. I was based at the Headquarters in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. There was a lot of responsibility within this role and would spend my time planning trips to different cities in the UK. I would then spend a week on a business trip to these cities presenting Housing Anywhere software to important individuals (Vice Chancellor’s, Head of International Office etc.) in the university.

We would start every day with a stand up meeting for 5 minutes, getting to know about what my colleagues were doing in their department that day. In my role I would then spend the morning researching for a trip, and then after lunch calling to get meetings or having skype conferences with prospective universities.

Don’t be afraid to seek out opportunities at start-ups and smaller companies. We usually get drawn in by the big names IBM, Deutsche bank etc. but especially if you want to start your own business, working in an exciting start up may be the way to go.

The process of applying for and then working in a full time position has been a great help to my career. I own my own business (Future Lingo Ltd) and while not in the same field, the experience has defiantly helped me a lot.

  • 1. Start applying for placements early (before Christmas)
  • 2. If going abroad, do learn a bit of their language (goes a long way)
  • 3. It may be a placement, but treat it as if it is your job, you may get invited to work for that company again after graduation.
  • 4. Ask questions if you need help
  • 5. Have fun

When it comes to writing your placement assignments make sure you have them written down into your calendar. If you don’t, you will most likely forget about them. Ask your Aston placement supervisor if you have any questions about the academic side of the placement.

Friday Drinks. Free beer for everyone on a Friday (after work) at the office was a great way to bring everyone together from different departments and look back on what the company had achieved in the previous week.