Sameer Dadhich

Tech careers start with playing in PowerPoint

Sameer is a self-proclaimed “geek”. He grew up creating video games in PowerPoint, as well as being the go-to person for fixing the internet.

‘I love being at the forefront of technology,’ says Sameer, ‘can you imagine your life without Wi-Fi? Or worse, bad Wi-Fi?’

Now living in a treasure trove of tech, he works as a Wireless Engineer for Liberty Global, the parent company of Virgin Media. Sameer is an engineer in the ‘space race’ between Virgin, Sky and BT - his team’s goal: to create the fastest wireless internet on the planet.

‘I’ve worked on the development and testing of new wireless tech for TiVo, and right now, I’m working on our next generation gateway. This will provide the fastest speeds of any of our technology to date.’

Progressing from placement

Sameer has flown up the ranks since joining Virgin Media in 2014, navigating a company restructure and returning to the company post-graduation in 2016.

‘It was a breath of fresh air. I’d been itching to get into the working world, and seeing the results of my work was really fulfilling. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect from a placement year, but I think this worked in my favour and kept me interested!’

Sameer continues to work on projects that affect how we use the internet every day. He’s working on creating his own smart home and is still the go-to person for all things technological.

‘My job is to ensure people end up with the best wireless experience in their homes. Plus, this means that I always need the latest devices… purely for testing of course.’