Aston Support Scholarship 2020


If you are a UK or EU student who is classed as a care leaver, a child from a military family or a refugee you are eligible for the Aston Support Scholarship, worth £1250 in each stage of study.


First year    

Second Year

Placement Year

Final Year


Aston Support Scholarship:






How do I apply?

You do not need to apply for the Aston Support Scholarship. The University will automatically assess your eligibility using information provided at enrolment.   

The number of Aston Support Scholarships we will award is not limited. Terms and conditions apply and students should check the Scholarships Policy for the relevant year of entry.  

When will I know I've got the scholarship?

We will contact you shortly after we know your grades and your place at Aston has been confirmed. If you require any additional information about your Scholarship, you can contact the Hub at Aston for support and advice.

Scholarship Policy 2020/21

View our Scholarship Policy 2020/21.