Space Management


The aim of the Space Management team is to make the best use of our current space in order to minimise our environmental impact and better balance resources so the estate is fit for purpose and future developments.

Space Policy 

The current University space policy can be found by clicking this link

The University's space policy undergoes periodic reviews and is thus liable to change. Please ensure that before you submit a request for additional or a change to your building space you read the above policy. 

Request Additional or Changes to Building Space

Please click here and complete the required form regarding changes to space. Once complete, please send to

Please be aware that a financial threshold exists to categorise project work as either minor or capital. The University financial regulations define capital as anything exceeding £10,000 including VAT. If your request is likely to be above this threshold please contact the project team for guidance.

Information on Building Space & Floor Layout Plans

For more information on requesting additional or changes to building space or to gain access to floor plans for the University please contact Claire Evans.