Wednesday 6 June 2018, Conference Aston Meeting Suites, 10:00-16.30

Join and hear from the Chief Executives of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and The British Academy of Management (BAM) at the second annual “future of marketing practice” conference, with an agenda that is both challenging and controversial. Our research reveals why marketing is under threat, why the profession requires re-shaping and why we need to start right now to develop a response to some serious challenges.

We’ll be discussing and exploring these important issues alongside dispelling some important myths around the “hype” of artificial intelligence, uncovering new and important trends in media consumption and addressing some of the data and profiling challenges of B-to-B marketers. Come along to find out more,  discover how we can develop new ways of working to improve marketing’s influence and discuss with senior figures in the marketing industry 'what we do next'. 


You will have the opportunity to attend a variety of presentations, as well as a workshop designed to share best practice. Networking opportunities are available throughout the day.   

Chris Daly
keith glanfield

The future of marketing practice
Chris Daly, Chief Executive, Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)

Each day, month and year the marketing profession develops and moves on. Hear from Chris Daly on the latest CIM research, important emerging issues and the importance of the day's conference themes. 

The future of marketing practice - changing how marketers work
Dr Keith Glanfield, Lecturer and Senior FME Fellow, Aston Business School

Our research into the influence of the profession, its professional standing and how it needs to change to stay relevant has significantly moved on. We've not only received extensive funding for the project from the Marketing Trust, we have also importantly found new and controversial findings that need urgent debate and discussion.  

Is TV advertising history?
Jason Spencer, Business Development Director, ITV

Have you heard the rumours millennials don't watch TV, digital and social media are taking over and TV is dead? Jason introduces some facts to challenge these widely held beliefs.  

Artificial Intelligence - Hyperbole or opportunity?
Richard Summers, CEO, Crowd Cat

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. Wherever you look, claims are made AI will change and transform marketing forever. What can be believed? Richard unpicks this debate, separating out fact from fiction and putting some boundaries around the use of artificial intelligence to influence consumers. 


An opportunityto discuss "marketing myths" with the speakers and the Aston Business School Marketing and Strategy Team, including any myths you'd like to challenge. 

Share and discuss your ideas, insight and best practice with other marketers on three important emerging issues that aren’t to be found in the marketing text books!  

Managing marketing politics: Overcoming the tensions and conflict involved in marketing work (Dr Keith Glanfield)

Legitimising the profession: Collaborating and working with other professions (Dr Carola Wolf)

Shaping the future of the profession: The skills, tools and practices of a “modern” marketer (Dr Gary Burke)


We will discuss  what we've learnt about managing marketing politics, legitimising the profession and shaping its future, sharing the practical takeaways from each of the workshops.   

The future practices of British Managers

The CEO of the British Academy of Management (BAM) closes the conference by sharing BAM's thoughts on how academic research has and can change the practices of the professions for the benefit of business and the economy. 

This event is organised in conjunction with the Chartered Institute of Marketing, British Academy of Management and Marketing Trust. Places are £15, which includes lunch and refreshments. 

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