Global ICT Management

Global ICT

The following Group members are involved in research in this area: 

For Students:

We believe that in the modern world ICT is deeply embedded in the lives of individuals, organizations and a broader society. To get students ready to face this digital and networked global business environment we offer a range of undergraduate and postgraduate modules that address most contemporary issues around management of technology, and technology-enabled organizational forms. Our teaching is research driven, which has resulted in a number of textbooks by our members, adopted for teaching in a wide range of academic institutions in Europe and North America.

For Academics and Researchers:

Through cross-disciplinary research we study how people interact with technology in-organizational context; and how knowledge-intensive work is organised and managed in technology-enabled environments. The global side of our research is reflected in global settings, such as globally distributed teams, and wide range of countries where we conduct our empirical studies. In the world-wide IS academic community we are known for our research on knowledge management, IT value (economic, environmental and social), IT adoption and diffusion, ICT in Healthcare, outsourcing, offshoring and global teams. We are also expanding our research influence to areas such as IT for environmental sustainability and digital work practices. 

For Industry:

We help industry to manage and use ICT better through utilization of global knowledge resources, to become more competitive and innovative. We engage in research, consultancy and student mentoring with a wide range of local and global companies across industries, in private and public sectors. Our work on knowledge management, ICT in healthcare, IT adoption and diffusion, business value of IT, outsourcing and offshoring is widely known to UK practitioners.

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