Advice zone - AMS

We know that applying to Medical School can be daunting and you are bound to have lots of questions, like:

  • What does the UCAS process involve and what should I put in my personal statement?
  • What is an MMI or the UCAT?
  • Do I need work experience?
  • Who will help me once I get to Medical School?

But do not worry - we are here to help.

We have brought together members of academic and admissions staff from Aston Medical School who are in a perfect position to advise you. In addition, we’ve spoken to our students and other relevant staff from Aston University so that they can offer advice too. 

Take a look at each page in order, or jump to the section that you need advice about the most. You'll find a mix of text, videos and useful links.

Deciding where to study

Making your application

About Aston Medical School

After Medical School