Our curriculum

Our curriculum is patient-centred; it will help you to develop the core competencies in medicine, gain key teamwork skills and understand the workings of the internationally admired NHS (National Health Service). Find out more about the course and entry requirements for 2021 entry.

We have successfully completed several stages of the rigorous General Medical Council (GMC) approval process and have been approved for undergraduate recruitment starting from 2018. The GMC has now committed to undertaking a programme of further quality assurance, including annual visits and following the first cohort of students as they progress through their course until they graduate in 2023.

Our partners

We are partnered with a number of carefully selected NHS trusts and primary care providers who serve an exceptionally diverse range of communities and settings such as inner city areas, towns and rural locations. This means you will encounter a wide range of patients and experiences, giving you an excellent foundation for your future medical career. Learning how to recognise and manage a broad spectrum of conditions as well as understanding the importance of the multi-disciplinary healthcare team will give you a wider perspective of clinical practice. Find out more.

Your placements

Clinical Placements are an important part of your course. Much of your learning in years 3, 4 and 5 will take place in real life clinical environments. Working with medical staff will allow you to get first-hand experience and you will apply the knowledge that you have already gained during Phase 1. You will be based in our partner organisations - hospitals, clinics and a range of medical facilities with a particular emphasis on primary care. Find out more.