Aston servitization programme helps SME provide customer value

Waste Spectrum - servitization
Neil Rossiter - Managing Director of Waste Spectrum

Waste Spectrum
manufactures incineration units for the bio-secure disposal of animal carcasses, medical and  municipal waste. Established in the 1990s and based in  Worcestershire, it is the leading manufacturer and supplier  of incineration systems in the international market. The  company is led by MD, Neil Rossiter and Spectrum Group  MD, Steve Hunt. 

Despite the strong position they had already established, 
Neil and Steve recognised that in order for the company  to continue to thrive, it needed to adapt to changing  customer demands and develop ongoing support services. 

…Just being an OEM isn’t it anymore, it’s not enough. People want service, support and back-up. 

Neil and Steve attended an Aston Centre for Servitization Research & Practice workshop on servitization in 2013 to  develop their ideas. In the past year they have developed  a service package called Spectrum Care, ‘a hassle-free  cover package’ which provides ongoing maintenance,  service and cover for breakdown or repairs with no call-out  charges. Customers can choose from a range of levels of  cover depending on which parts they want to include and  the level of servicing they require, and Spectrum Care will  cover units and parts made by any manufacturer.

Customers also have the option to lease units rather than buy them outright, with the standard package being  five years, and Waste Spectrum has installed remote  monitoring technology to keep an eye on how products  are working in use and identify potential problems before  the customer is even aware of them.

Engineers and customer support staff go the extra mile to give value to customers, with the focus being on  developing long-term relationships rather than making  short term sales, and the company is seeing the benefits  in terms of customer loyalty and repeat business.  Waste Spectrum is leading the incinerator market in  offering this type of package and is reaping the rewards;  20% of its revenue is already coming from services. Neil is  now talking to a number of large corporate organisations  with multiple incinerators to design bespoke support packages for them.

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