1st Year

Welcome to Aston University. You’ve got a lot going on in your first year - settling in, starting your course, making friends – you probably aren’t thinking about your career choices right now. However, everything you do this year will count towards getting your dream job, you just don’t know it yet. 

If you’re not sure where to start, use the timeline below to help you begin. 

September to December 

September to December guidelines

Clubs and societies

Your first year is all about finding your feet. Aston has a huge choice of clubs, societies and extra-curricula activities. Join in, meet new friends and have fun – without even realising it you’ll be building skills and experience that sets you apart from the crowd when you’re looking for placements and other opportunities. 

Part-time jobs and volunteering

If you are looking for part-time jobs to supplement your living costs, you’ve probably already found the JobShop. But, did you know they also have volunteer positions – a great way to try out jobs in your intended career path before you commit, and to gain experience that builds your self-confidence and helps you get short-listed for interviews.

Meet your Careers+Placements team

You may not need us yet, but it’s good to know we are here. Visit the Careers+Placement centre to discover the resources available and meet the team. Get familiar with Aston Futures – it’s where you’ll find job searches, event information, competitions and more. 

January to March

January to March timeline

Which career?

If you don’t already have a career in mind, don’t worry. Most students don’t have a final plan yet. Start researching options now – not only will it help you to know what’s available, you can look for relevant part-time jobs.

Develop your CV

Start drafting your CV, even though you might not have a lot to put down yet. Your CV will grow and develop as you do. Get a step ahead of the pack and begin now. There’s plenty of information to get you started on the website, and you can book a tutorial on Aston Futures.

Explore insight days and short term internships

Insight days and short term internships are a great way to gather invaulable work experience, while being able to test drive a possible future career option. The UK's biggest employers offer these opportunities to students on a regular basis, and can sometimes be aimed at students studying specific degrees.  

April to June

April to June timeline

Research placement activities

12 months ahead - is it really necessary? Some of the major brand names open applications very soon, so it’s never too early. If you’re looking in different directions, you’ve got more time. We’re just getting you started. 

Tailor your CV

Spend time updating your CV with any new experiences from the last year. Depending on the job or placement you are aiming for, you’ll want to tailor it. If you are not sure how to phrase things you can book a careers appointment or attend a careers drop-in.

Over the Summer

July to August timeline

Give yourself a boost

Well done, you’ve finished your first year at Aston University. In between catching up on your sleep, there are a few things you could do to boost your CV and prepare for the year ahead.

  • Find some part time work to help you gain new skills and experience.
  • Research the variety of industries to which your degree could take you – it’s not always as one way as you might think. Consider researching companies as well – then you’ll be in prime position to apply for placements as soon as you start the year ahead. 
  • Fit in some time for psychometric tests. They’re often used in applications for placements, internships and so on – and practise helps you feel familiar and more relaxed.