Decision making skills

Do you find it difficult to make decisions? Are you struggling to choose a career path even after all your research? Or perhaps you have a more than one job offer and you can’t decide which to take? 

Don’t worry, it’s quite normal to find yourself in these situations and there are many tools to help you. Being able to make decisions will be important throughout your career and your life. As well as being a key skill that employers look for, it creates momentum and allows you to make progress. Think of it this way - avoiding a decision is making a decision to do nothing.

Whatever decision you are faced with, if you are finding it difficult try these tools and resources to bring some structure to your decision-making process:

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C+P Decision Making worksheet

Try this simple exercise, which is a rational approach to balancing the pros and cons of a particular choice.


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MindTools careers


There are lots of tools and techniques here to help you make those difficult decisions.

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Create a Lucky Career


Have you heard of planned happenstance? Your career could take off in directions you haven’t even considered yet.

Find out how to create a lucky career

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Remember, you are not on your own. Pay us a visit in the Careers+Placements office, where we have a library full of useful books and other resources. If you would like more support as you narrow down your career options, book an appointment with a careers consultant.