Finance for returning EU students

What is EU student support funding?
EU Student Support funding is UK government funding which available to qualifying full time EU students to help cover the costs of their tuition fees whilst at University. Students who began their degree course in 2020/21 will be charged £9,250. 

What funding is available to EU students from Student Finance Services? 
You can borrow a tuition fee loan of up to £9,250. This type of funding is not based on your household income and is available to all eligible students. It is paid directly to the University. You have to repay the tuition fee loan after you have finished your studies.

Who can apply?   
If you are an EU national who has been living in the European Economic Area for at least 3 years before the start of your course then it is likely that you will qualify for this type of funding. You may also qualify for this type of funding if you are the family member of an EU national. 

Some types of EU students may qualify for funding as a “home” student which means that they can apply for  living cost loans through Student Finance England. The rules about who qualifies as a “home” student are complex and depend on when you came to the UK and whether you or your family members can be considered as EEA Migrant Workers. If you have any questions about “home” funding status and whether you will qualify then please feel free to contact one of our advisers in the Advice Zone at The Hub on 0121 204 4007 or by email at

How do I apply for this funding?
Student support funding for EU full time students is assessed and paid through Student Finance Services . If you are a new student who has not applied to Student Finance Services before then you will need to use form EU19N for 2020/21. This form can be downloaded at If you had funding through Student Finance Services last year and will be returning to your studies this year then you will need to use form EUPR1a for 2020/21 – this form will be sent direct to continuing students by Student Finance Services or can be downloaded at 

When should I apply? 
The absolute deadline to apply is 9 months after the start of the academic year which would be the end of May 2021 for the academic year 2020/21. However, it is a good idea to try to submit your application as early as possible so that there will be enough time to assess your entitlement before the start of the academic year. 

This is not the first time I have studied at university - will it affect my entitlement to student support funding?
If you have previously studied a Higher Education course in the UK or at a publicly funded institution outside of the UK, then this will be taken into account and may affect your entitlement to student funding for your new course.

If you already been awarded a UK honours degree or equivalent from another country then you cannot normally receive student funding.

If you have not already been awarded a UK honours degree or equivalent then you may still be able to access some aspect of the student support funding system for all or part of your studies. All students who can access student funding from Student Finance England (SFE)  can normally receive funding for the ordinary length of their course plus one extra year. Any years that you have previously studied for another higher education course in the UK or at a publically funded institution overseas are taken into account and can reduce the number of years you can be funded for. Even if you have only attended 1 day, it is counted as a whole year.  If you have more than one year previous study then you may find that you cannot get the Tuition Fee Loan for part of your course depending on the number of years you have studied prior to this course. This will be applied to the earlier years of your course and your funding entitlement will be saved for the later years of your course. Exceptions can be made for students who have compelling personal reasons which prevented them from completing a previous course.  Students who are affected in this way will still be able to access the full maintenance loan.

How and when do I have to repay my student loans?
You will become liable to repay your student loans in the April after you complete your studies. Your repayments are linked to your income. You only make repayments when your income is over £25,000 a year. If your income drops below this amount repayments stop. Your repayments are normally collected directly through your wages whilst you are working in the UK by HMRC (the UK tax authority). Interest will be charged on your student loans from when the first payment of the loan is received and continues until the loan has been repaid in full. The interest rate varies as it is linked to inflation and is set in September each year.

 Last checked 11/04/2020 KJ