Finance for new EU students

What is an EU student? 
You are normally an EU national if you have been living in the European Economic Area for at least three years before the start of your course. You may also be considered for funding as an EU student if you are the family member of an EU national.

Some types of EU students may qualify for funding as a “home” student which means that they can apply for grant and living cost loans through Student Finance England like UK based students. The rules about who qualifies as a “home” student are very complicated and depend on when you came to the UK and whether you or your family members can be considered as EEA Migrant Workers. If you have any questions about “home” funding status and whether you will qualify then please feel free to contact one of our advisers in the Advice Zone at The Hub on 0121 204 4007.

How much will the tuition fees be for the academic year 2020/21?
The normal tuition fee at Aston University for new students in 2020/21 will be £9,250. Most of our undergraduate courses are sandwich degrees which include a placement year. EU students who are undertaking placements will be normally be charged £1,250 for their placement year.

What help will there be available to pay for my tuition fees?
You should be able to apply for a Tuition Fee Loan fromStudent Finance Services. The Tuition Fee Loan is paid directly to the University from Student Finance Services. 

EU students who do not qualify for 'home funding' (see 1st section re 'What is an EU student?' will need to funding living costs themselves.

Will there be any  scholarships available to EU students?
There are various Scholarship schemes available to students in 2020/21 and you do not have to repay this type of funding. You can find out more information about scholarships on our scholarships page.

How and when do I have to repay my student loans? 
You will become liable to repay your student loans in the April after you complete your studies. Even then you will only have to repay your student loans when you income is above £25,000 per year. You only have to repay 9% of the amount you earn that is above the £25,000 threshold and your repayments are normally collected directly through your wages whilst you are working in the UK by HMRC (the UK tax authority). All of your student loans (Maintenance Loans and Tuition Fee Loans) will be combined together.

Interest will be charged on your student loans from when the first payment of the loan is received and continues until the loan has been repaid in full. Interest will be charged at 3% plus the rate of inflation whilst you are still studying. After you have completed your studies the interest rate will be between inflation only and inflation plus 3% depending on your income

Last checked 22/04/2020 KJ