Top Tips for Mature Students mature students

Prepare your friends and family for the time that studying will take up and that there will be times when you won’t be available. Find out if there are practical ways they can help out, such as with childcare, to free your time up for studying.

Don’t assume the other students won’t want to get to know you because you are a mature student or that you won’t have anything in common. All students bring a range of experiences and interests to university regardless of their age or background so try and get to know as many people as possible.

Join the mature student’s society where you can meet and socialise with other mature students. It’s a good place to get tips from students in other years and having a base to relax and catch up with people can make a real difference. 

Look at ways to bring your personality and experience before university into your studies to benefit you. You may already be skilled at planning your time, writing draft documents or have an understanding of the circumstances that enable you to work at your best.

Do revision notes after every lecture – when you’re trying to balance studies with kids, housework, shopping, etc. you find little time to prepare for exams.  Doing revision notes as you go along makes it a lot easier when it comes to revision

If you are feeling stressed, talk to people! There are a range of people and services there for you to access, ARC, student counselling, your peer mentor, your personal tutor and the Learner Enhancement Team who are always available for a drink and a chat.