Computer Science includes the following research groups:

Non-linearity & Complexity Research Group (NCRG)
The NCRG is one of the most influential research groups worldwide in neural networks and pattern processing inference methods. It also runs significant research activities in Biomedical Information Engineering and Signal Processing. The Group has championed a principled approach to the theoretical development of neural network structures and architectures and has also developed significant expertise in the engineering applications of its work.

Computer Science Research Group (CSRG)
The CSRG possesses expertise and resources for research, development, and implementation of knowledge-based software systems. Its members have a variety of interests under the broad headings of knowledge classification and elicitation, encompassing cognitive science, pattern analysis, natural language processing, databases, and the semantic web.

Aston Lab for Intelligent Collectives Engineering (ALICE)

ALICE combines expertise in various forms of collective computing systems: multi-agent systems, evolutionary computation, swarm intelligence, self-adaptive, self-organising and self-aware systems. We have a particular focus on how to engineer such collectives to achieve specific desirable properties, such as emergence, robustness, adaptability, scalability and creativity. Our work has been applied to a wide range of applications including sensor networks, swarm robotics, computer generated art, decision support systems and economic modelling.

Centre for Forensic Data Science (CFDS)
The CFDS conducts research and development aimed at improving casework capabilities within and across multiple branches of forensic science, particularly casework conducted within the new paradigm for the evaluation of forensic evidence, i.e.: quantification of strength of evidence as likelihood ratios; procedures based on relevant data, quantitative measurement, and statistical models; validation of system performance under conditions reflecting those of the case under investigation.