Research Activities & Innovation


The PPP Unit  is actively engaged in  basic and applied research aiming at advancing the understanding of polymer behaviour at a molecular level, relating this to the effects of process variables on lifetime performance, and applying the acquired knowledge in targeted  developments of new processes, polymers and nanocomposite materials  and  sustainable additives for  diverse range of applications.


Much of our research is application-specific where  emphasis is placed on applying fundamental advances in scientific knowledge to deliver solutions to diverse industrial and environmental problems with the aim of improving product performance and sustainability. 

The group has developed many novel processes and products especially in the area of natural, synthetic and reactive (non-migratory)  antioxidants and stabilising systems which are protected by eight patents, and the Group is also involved with industrial partners for the exploitation of some of its novel processes and materials. 

Research Activities

Our recognised expertise and  state-of-the art facilities enable us to address topical and current issues involving polymers through the application of fundamental understanding  to areas of Polymer processing, additives and performance.  

The Group is actively engaged in the four interrelated research areas below :