Subscribe to a Shared Calendar in Outlook

If you need to subscribe to a shared calendar, you first need the owner of the shared calendar to have granted you access permissions. Once they have granted you access rights, you should be able to subscribe to the shared calendar so long as you know it's name.

To subscribe to the shared calendar in Outlook, click on Calendar in the left hand task bar, then right click on one of the calendar groups, such as My Calendars, then choose Add Calendar > Open Shared Calendar.

Subscribe Calendar 1
The Open a Shared Calendar window should open. Enter the name of the shared calendar, or if you aren't sure, click Name to choose it from the address list. After entering the name, click OK:
Subscribe Calendar 2
The shared calendar should now be listed alongside your other calendars. To display it, ensure the checkbox to the left of the shared calendar is selected:
Subscribe Calendar 3
You should now see the shared calendar. By default it shows alongside your current calendar:
Subscribe Calendar 4
If you are using Outlook 2010, you can change the view to overlay the shared calendar over your own. To switch to overlay mode, click View on the Office Ribbon, then choose Overlay:
Subscribe Calendar 5