Go International pledge

Aston University is committed to the Universities UK International pledge of doubling the percentage of UK undergraduate students who go abroad as part of their studies by 2020.

Universities UK International Pledge

We promise to:

1: Increase the percentage of UK students who study, work or volunteer abroad as part of their degree

2: Promote the value of Study, work and volunteering abroad.

3: Enhance the accessibility of Studying, working and volunteering abroad.

4: Improve the Collection and reporting of data on Study, work and volunteering abroad.

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The international pledge
Study international

Chemical Engineering Student Fatima

Fatima Afzal

Process Quality Engineering

‘I landed my first graduate job within 1 month of graduating, working as a research and development engineer for a bio-energy company. I spent a lot of time in America. I am currently working for a French Optical Company as a ‘Process Quality Engineer’ with the potential to get involved in projects in France and/or Thailand, but most importantly continue doing what I love: exploring the world and problem-solving!’

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