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The Centre for Language and Law (CLL) is part of the Aston Institute for Forensic Linguistics (AIFL) and is a new Centre for Aston University running jointly with Aston Law School.  Professor Lauren Devine is joining Aston as Centre Director, bringing a wealth of experience in leading externally funded projects.

 The CLL’s research focusses on contemporary legal issues and complex societal problems, embracing broad areas such as internet regulation and children’s social care hearings.

The CLL is conducting individual and group projects spanning private and public law, focusing on the analysis of written legal and supplementary texts.  The projects explore aspects of drafting legal and regulatory texts and systems, the interpretation of those texts and systems, the analysis of evidential material when legal and regulatory cases are brought, and analysis of the legal and regulatory decision making.



Debt collection communication, regulation and legislation

Dr Leigh Harrington is conducting an analysis of written forms of debt collection communications, including letters and text messages. She is also analysing the regulations and legislation that govern and informs those practices to ensure that creditors operate legally, transparently and responsibly.

Internet content regulation in Europe: analysis of the linguistic dimensions in legal texts on the issue of “hate speech” and “information manipulation”

Dr Nadia Makouar's research interests concern legal discourses and genres related to internet content regulation. She particularly investigates terminologisation processes of law concepts related to hate speech, fake news and online disinformation in Europe. The objective is to enhance the understanding of conceptualization and normativity of legal terms and dynamics of norms fixation. Her analysis draws on theoretical and conceptual tools from discourse analysis, interpretive semantics and corpus linguistics (contrastive and structuring approaches).